May 6, 2003

Catch Breath, Countdown

I know there has been a lot of posting today, but it’s been a huge day. Took my first exam, lotta NASCAR news, and now, just one week until the new Third Eye Blind cd comes out. I don’t want to get too emotional about this because that would reveal too much about my dorkiness, but I will go so far as having a countdown of my top ten favorite 3EB songs (two each on Friday and Saturday).

Third Eye Blind: Best Songs Countdown
10. 10 Days Late from Blue: It took a while for me to really get into this CD, but once I did I almost liked it as much as the first. This song really rocks and the lyrical sarcasm is hilarious. Thanks to dan-the-man for helping me appreciate this song for all its worth.

Off Track

For those of you who don’t follow NASCAR, you’ll want to skip this entry.

Ralle Racing in Ri fantasy racing league is in disarray. Jeff Green is out of the RCR #30 AOL Chevrolet and Steve Park is out of the DEI #1 Penzoil Chevrolet. But … Jeff Green is replacing Steve Park in the DEI #1 Penzoil Chevrolet. The good news for Ralle Racing (owned by yours truly) is that I own both of these drivers. Oh what is a fantasy league owner to do. My only hope now is that Steve Park fills in for the #30 AOL Chevrolet at RCR, or I’ll have to trade for John Andretti.

Aside from being a quasi-car owner, I have to admit this is quite a shock and kinda disappointing. From the time I got into racing about ten years ago (from an occasional watcher to an avid fan), Dale Earnhardt was always my man. Naturally, my admiration of him evolved into an admiration for Richard Childress Racing and then, of course, DEI. I haven’t been a big fan of RCR’s hirings lately, with the exception of Kevin Harvick, but I’ve really grown fond of DEI’s drivers and the brilliant marketing that surrounds them. Certainly, Steve Park has been a little off his game since being injured in a crash, but I was really rootin for him to rebound. If DEI was going to get rid of him, I wanted them to get someone like Elliot Sadler or even the underacheiving Casey Atwood. As for Jeff Green, I suppose he’s a good driver (good enough to be part of my fantasy racing team), but I just don’t really like him.

I guess the moral of the story is my opinion doesn’t matter. I want DEI to do well, and technically Jeff Green’s still part of Ralle Racing, so I’ll root for him, but I won’t like it. As for Steve Park, I hope he takes a Ricky Craven-like break and comes back stronger than ever.


Aww, our first package together:

May 5, 2003


For the last couple of days I’ve had this intense desire for a good tuna salad sandwich, but I haven’t been able to get out and get one or get the stuff to make one. I’ve decided that tomorrow is the day. I have to obey my hunger. Do you have any suggestions for ingredients to make a good tuna salad?

May 4, 2003

As Said on TV

“I don’t really understand why he hasn’t kissed me yet, but it’s making me like him even more!”
– Nicole, Sorority Life

I thank the TV gods everyday for MTV!


So far on the senior project I have little more than the size of this paragraph written. That may sound like a dire situation, but it isn’t. The good news is, I haven’t put that much effort into it yet. The bad news is, I haven’t put that much effort into it yet. Maybe I’ll get stung by the productivity bee, and get going. Maybe I won’t use a metaphor like that ever again.

May 2, 2003


Following a late night with a bunch of mutants (stay tuned for a possible discussion about X2) and and early morning with an angel, I’m feeling “extinguished”. I’ve taken two naps since waking from a 2 hour sleep, and still I have yet to accumulate more than 5 hours of sleep. I’m not trying to make you feel sorry for me, I’m just saying.

Anyway, I was told yesterday that it’s time to make significant gains in my senior project, so I will write and write and write this weekend to see if I can come up with a publishable description of what I’m doing. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Instead of going on the “Hillsborough Hike” tonight, I’m going to dinner with my mother and my aunt. Call me dork, call me mama’s boy, but it’s free dinner, and I don’t like drinkin that much anyway. Besides, I think it really represents how I’ve “experienced” college anyway, and I’m proud of it.

Not really much else to say for now. I guess I’ll throw in my random “website status” comments now. I think the new design/interface has been well received up to this point, so I’m excited about adding more new stuff (most urgently customization). If you were a big fan of “white_simple”, fear not, it’s on its way back, I just need to clean it up a little bit and do some overhaul with the code to make it work with the new system. My other priorities are web-authoring for columnists Thunder and Flash,, and further enhancements to the administrator back-end of the website. Ok, now I’m starting to use this more as a “notebook” for myself than a place to share my thoughts, so I’ll stop now. Later.

May 1, 2003


I’ll admit, I didn’t really try to make it to my first and second class, but I really really really tried to make it to my third class. But a slow truck, a missed bus, and the prospect of eating lunch before 1pm all got in my way. Now, classes have officially ended for me! Let’s just hope I didn’t underestimate the influence of attendance related grading in a couple of the classes. Everyone have a nice Thursday.

Laundry Day

Happy Birthday, JDawg!!!

Now a exclusive … Laundry: By the Numbers
1 Number of loads completed
2 Number of people directly affecting the completion of the single load of laundry
3 Number of minutes before leaving [person] put their clothes in the washer
4.5 Number of hours clothes sat in washer / time [person] was gone
10 time (hours) until “dry”
14 total time (hours) clothes spent in the system
20 number of times [person] does laundry during the week

I’m just joshin, [person]. You’re still “the man”

April 30, 2003


Call it Dan-the-man week around here, I just remembered this fabulous quote from earlier in the week:

“If I had an Ion and a Vue (Saturn cars) I would just ram them in to each other. You know, because they’re made of plastic.”

Also, apparently my girlfriend took a survey and found that girls don’t like it when guys blow in their ears. I think she’s wrong. What do you think?