May 10, 2003

It’s Gonna Be Background

I just realized I was supposed to post 7 & 6 yesterday, so to make up for it I’ll post two today and two tomorrow.

Third Eye Blind: Best Songs Countdown
6. Deep Inside of You from Blue and How’s It Gonna Be from Third Eye Blind (Self-titled): Once again I’m cheating by using two songs in one spot, but these songs had a very similar feel and were the “radio hit” ballads from their respective album so I don’t think I’m too out of line. These are just great pop songs with that little bit of extra, how do you say, je ne sais quois.


5. Background from Third Eye Blind (Self-titled): Great song about adjusting to life without someone after a break up. This song is also a great example of how well 3EB alternates between that subdued, quiet sound and a more rockin, heavy feel. Is it obvious that I love this band?

May 9, 2003

Hands Up

Now that I have a web-powered journal editor, I like to post every chance I get, no matter where I am. I found this in an article I was reading and just had to put it up. If I had the “link generator” feature ready, I’d post the link, but for now, you’ll just have to look for it if you want to read it.

“Bowen gets up on him, but he also doesn’t go for all those head fakes and pumps that send Bryant to the foul line so much. I always wonder why any guard jumps. They might block one shot in a hundred. Just get your hand up.”

Source: (

Lost in Translation

I will never understand the British. I found this on one of my British friend’s blogs:

“roast dinner for tea :)”

What does that mean? You’re having tea and it’s “roast dinner” flavor? You’re having roast dinner instead of tea? You’re offering a trade, your roast dinner for my tea?


Fresh on the heels of Dan posting his No. 8 (see yesterday’s comments), here’s my No. 7…

Third Eye Blind: Best Songs Countdown
7. Wounded from Blue: Just another good song with crafty lyrics and rockin music. And like Slow Motion, it’s socially conscious too. I don’t have much else to say, so I’ll interject this little fact: Did you know that Stephan Jenkins (lead singer) was a valedictorian at UC Berkely (majoring in literature)? Makes sense.

May 8, 2003

Major Journalism

As a prominent web journalist, I feel it is my duty to report these things:

Jonathan Slain, UNC-CH’s student attorney general, thinks something is missing on campus.

“When this university was founded a couple of hundred years ago, you could walk across McCorkle Place and smell the honor,” he said. “I think we’ve gotten away from some of the ideals and values.”

First of all, how does this guy know what the campus smelled like two hundred years ago? And what does honor smell like? No wonder all the students are cheating, they’re freakin idiots. I bet that’s not even his own quote. He probably found it in a book or on the internet or something.


Silently Slow

I’m not sure if Dan will be able to log on and post his No. 8 (he’s in sunny Cocoa Beach, FL), but here’s mine …

Third Eye Blind: Best Songs Countdown
8. Slow Motion from Blue: If you’ve only heard the album version of this song, then you’re probably up in arms over this pick. All I have to say is find a copy of the song as it was meant to be heard – with lyrics. The song is about violence in America, especially in schools. The studio and the band agreed that it wasn’t appropriate given the social climate at the time, so the lyrics were stripped and the track remained on the record. The thing that bothered me about this song is that I always really liked the music so I was upset there weren’t any lyrics to it. When I finally heard the real version, all disappointment was lost. It reminded me of how crafty Stephan Jenkings is with words and instantly became one of my favorites.


I should be studying right now. But to be honest, I’m not sure if 10 years down the road from now I’ll remember what I got on my Business Ethics final. I probably will remember the night before my best friend of 16 years left for New York, hundreds of miles away from where we grew up. Hundreds of miles away from where I am.

The last time we did this, we were eight and I was the one leaving. My mom got transferred to Florida, and while I was excited about the prospect of living under the Florida sun, I couldn’t shake that feeling of goodbye. I remember sitting in the car as we pulled out of the driveway, and Jeff sort of walking away with his head down, me with my head down, both of us crying those little boy tears.

We’ve been through a lot, together and on our own. We’ve grown apart and then closer again, never quite able to escape the bond of our childhood. The forts, the sleepovers, the wrestling matches. The moves, new friends, girlfriends. UNC vs. NC State. All of it just another chapter in our friendship.

Almost fifteen years later, there we were, Jeff on the doorstep of my apartment, me standing there watching him walk away. Again. But this time it was him that was leaving. Our lives are a lot different now than they were back then – we’re a lot different – but I have to admit, it felt a little bit like that day fifteen years ago. Him with his head down, me with my head down, both of us crying those little boy tears.

JDawg, I’m not a firm believer in goodbye (especially since I’ve never really seen New York, wink wink). I am going to miss you though. Later, Dawg.

May 7, 2003

The Lost Year

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for (well, just dan)…

Third Eye Blind: Best Songs Countdown
9. Losing A Whole Year and Narcolepsy from Third Eye Blind (Self-titled): I’m sort of cheating here, but for some reason these songs always belonged together to me, so I’m putting them down as No. 9. I still remember the day I bought this cd. I was hangin out in the record store waiting for my girlfriend and the 3EB cd was on one of those “preview” players in the store. I kinda liked 3EB’s radio hit Semi-Charmed Life so I decided to give the cd a listen. These are the first two songs on the cd and it only took hearing them for me to know that I would love the cd. It’s now one of my Top 5 favorite albums and I owe it mostly to those two songs. You’d think that would be reason enough to put these songs higher, but that’s just how much I like 3EB.


Who is the jokster that decided intermixing Canadian coins with American currency was a good idea? The vending machine won’t accept my “quarter” and I’m afraid someone will try to arrest me for counterfeiting if I use the coin elsewhere. What else can I do with this worthless piece of money, go to Canada and buy something? Stupid Canadians. Why do they have currency anyway?

Just kidding. Canadians are awesome. They always give America a new pop star when we seem to run out.

In other news, the Muppets are back in the hands of the Henson family. The family will reportedly buy back the company for $78 million, a fraction of the $680 million that EM. TV (a German company) bought them for in 2000. Just thought I’d share that with everyone.


So there’s this talk now about expanding the ACC to possibly 12 teams (adding Miami now, thereby enticing schools such as Boston College and Syracuse). I’ll let’s resident sports columnist tackle this issue further (if he’d like), but I thought I might offer some immediate comments while the topic is hot.

I’m not a big fan of the Hurricanes, and I think all we’ll end up with in football is what other teams in the ACC have spent the last 10 years trying to do to Florida State – beat them. It finally happens and now we just bring in another super power to stomp everyone again. Then again, how cool was it for UNC to beat FSU 41-to-not much and how cool has it been for the Wolfpack to own FSU the last couple of years. Challenges are not bad things. (For those who know and find humor in my allegiance to FSU, I am not backing down from my support of them. I will admit that it is cool to see my alma mater beat them.)

Bringing in Miami, though, is not really the problem. The problem is the ultimate goal of having 12 teams in a conference used to playing everyone else at least once in football and twice in basketball (there are pros and cons for other sports, but my limited knowledge of them would make anything I write borderline idiotic). As a life-long North Carolinian, ACC blood runs through my veins. The tradition that the ACC possesses is second to none. I’m not eager to let go of that, and I’m not excited about the possibility of having to wait 2 years between home games against Carolina or Duke in basketball or 3-4 years in football.

Bottom line, this is a tough issue. I’m excited for the ACC, but the feeling is bittersweet at best. I don’t want to lose the tradition, but then again, I never really wanted to stop playing with He-Man action figures, but I did and I think I’m better for it. Maybe the ACC will be better after expansion. I’m not sure I want to find out.