May 28, 2003


Maybe if I travelled more and needed it to keep me entertained on long trips …

Maybe if my parents had misread my musings and thought I really really wanted it for graduation rather than giving me the money to make that decision on my own …

Maybe if I wouldn’t have to spend $7,500 to keep its “bank” full of entertainment the legal way (give or take a few based on my already legally owned collection) …

Maybe if I had a little less disdain for the company that manufactures …

Maybe, just maybe I would have gotten myself an iPod today or sometime in the near future. But alas, I hardly ever travel by anything other than a car, my parents were smart enough not to buy me one, I don’t have $400 + $7500 that I could spend guilt free (I’d much rather have a new desk, some electronic upgrades and possibly a new cell phone – I need to be able to pay rent and bills), and I really really don’t like apple computers. Still, after playin with that thing in the apple store today, I have to admit that “thing” is pretty freakin’ cool.

May 27, 2003


A new era in web publishing has begun … now introducing JDawg‘s weblog.

Two great writers starting a weblog within one week of each other. That’s awesome!

Sun Rain Repeat

Did someone somehow shift North Carolina down to the greater Florida area? What’s up with this sun, then rain, then sun thing? Are we gonna have a day without rain/overcast skies in the near future? Will my water bill finally go down since we’re having the antithesis of a drought? Will this game of 20 questions ever end?

May 26, 2003

Just End It

The end of a phone conversation between between BJ (italics) and I (bold):

be over in a little bitokalrightsee you thenokalrightbyebye


So on the subject of viewing movies by yourself (in a theater) …

I don’t really see anything wrong with it, but there’s just somethin about seeing somebody sitting by themselves in a big theater … even if it’s a packed house. I don’t know why, but I always feel sorry for them, somehow always jumping to the conclusion that they have no friends or family to enjoy a movie with. But what if they’re just there to get away from their family?

The funny thing is, if I was at a movie by myself, I wouldn’t want anyone to feel sorry for me. In fact, I’d probably give every poor sap who even turned what looked like a sad eye my way a mental beating and spend the rest of the evening passing judgement on them for passing judgement on me. Then again, I’ve never been to a movie by myself … I’m probably too insecure.

Anyway, I don’t think I really have a point here, other than to say to anyone who’s ever attended a movie by their lonesome I honestly and truly admire you for having the security to do so among idiots like me who immediately jump to the conclusion that you have no friends or no life. I hope to one day sit a couple of rows back from you with no one by my side.

May 25, 2003


You may or may not have noticed that, since switching over to the “new” I’ve never put links in my posts. Well without boring you with an explanation or the gory details I present to you the first ever in-text link at the new, dan the man‘s weblog. He’s a great writer, but not the greatest editor in the world. Proceed with caution.

May 23, 2003

Wega Wega

Will it ever stop raining?

It’s official … TV Time at BJ’s new apartment every night now that he has his wedding gift from Dan and I – a crisp, clean new Sony Wega television, of the 27″ variety. The best view in town until I work up the nerve to purchase a new Sony LCD for my computer. (Insert dork joke here).

Just out of curiosity, Krispy Kreme or Dunkin’ Donuts?

May 22, 2003

Raleigh’s Idol

So Clay Aiken isn’t America’s Idol, but he did put Raleigh, NC on the map … well if you follow local news reports he did. I’m happy for Clay, proud that he’s from Raleigh, etc., etc., but I’m embarassed for our local news coverage. At least one station sent a reporter out to L.A. to cover the finale! Is this the Super Bowl? Is it the World Series? (Hmmm, 24 million votes. Sounds like more people watched American Idol than last year’s World Series. But I digress)

I guess it’s good to see people excited about something. Heck, I even tried to vote, though my attempts were blocked by a busy signal. It felt like high school again, that anti-climactic moment when you finally get the nerve up to call a girl for the first time and you dial the number, heart racing, and the line’s busy. She’s talking to her friends, or wait, even better, she knew the exact moment you were going to call even though you were delayed by nervousness and unplugged her phone.

Ok, I wasn’t really that excited about voting, but I’m sure my mom was. Earlier in the season (American Idol season, that is) I was home on a Tuesday night and my mom and my aunt were discussing who they were going to vote for. I’d never really seen my mom so interested and excited over something like this so it was really cute to watch. Can I say that without sounding too much like a mama’s boy? I don’t care. Anyway, I thought it was kinda funny too.

Alright, that’s all I have to say about American Idol. Both Ruben and Clay have recording contracts and contrary to last year, their singles will be allowed to compete – in fact, they will compete against each other. So what was the point of the competition again?