My name is Dustin Riego. I write infrequently and without focus, but I’m trying to improve. Feel free to tell me how I’m doing.

I vote left and live right, and leave a little room for hypocrisy in the middle. I’m a Christian, husband and father – in that order if you’re scoring at home. My day job is “something in IT” and it turns out I like it enough that I dabble in it on the side as well.


An iMac (mid-2008) serves as my base station, but I spend most of my time working mobile on a MacBook Air (late-2010). I use more applications than I really need to write (Textmate, Writer), code (Textmate, Coda, Sublime), upload (Transmit, Droplr, Dropbox) and lightly edit photos (Pixelmator, iPhoto, Photoshop). I’ve recently become a fan of Everpix, but most of my photos are shared via Flickr.


This site continues to exist because of WordPress, though it was established first by simple text files and HTML. Later, it served as the founding project for Scribnotes, a homegrown blogging platform that waved the white flag some time ago.

The current aesthetic is brought to you in part by required+, a Foundation-based WordPress theme framework that, as of this writing, is still in its infancy.

Favicon courtesy of Endless Icons. Why a tie? No particular reason, I just like ties.

Thank you for reading about this site.