September 16, 2015

This Quiet Dude

I don’t spend as much time in quiet thought as I once did. Nothing about this is particularly revelatory – it’s an inevitability of choices I make – or made – every day; some big, some small. I’ve recently been more conscious of it though, and some recent musings by M.G. Siegler got me thinking about it even more:

How much time in a given day do you spend not doing anything but thinking? If you’re anything like me, it’s basically none. Instead, any break I get in between what task I’m doing, I’m on Twitter, or Instagram, or Messenger, or checking email, etc. Any respite in a day can now be plugged by any number of things since we’re always connected to the internet.

And so it goes.

Social media and the internet are, in recent history, huge distractions for me, but less so every passing day as the demands of work, parenting, husbanding, and friending1 occupy more and more of my time. Like Siegler, I love the opportunity that writing provides to be still, be quiet, and think, but I just can’t seem to get myself away to do it. And yet, I can’t help but wonder if I might be a better employee, a better parent, a better husband, and a better friend if thinking, reflecting and subsequently reacting to my performance, my strengths and weaknesses in those areas, occupied just a bit more of my time. Give me some time to think on that and I’ll let you know what I come up with.

  1. Unfortunate result of trying to be clever with my words here.  ↩