December 31, 2011

Road Full of Promise

In between the pursuit of lost and yet-to-be realized dreams I’m often paralyzed by the myriad decisions that have to be made. Some are inherent in the pursuit, others are created by my maniacal over-analyzation of any and every situation. Ultimately, my indecision begets a lack of focus, stifling progress along the way. One lasting tenet of Steve Jobs’ second coming was his insistence that Apple simplify its product line – making tough decisions about which products to drop and which to pursue – and focus on making each of the products that survived the cut truly great. Only after achieving that greatness (albeit their interpretation of great) were they able to move on to the next pursuit. While some may debate the true greatness of the products, you can’t argue against the results.

Tonight, along with some great company, I’m celebrating New Year’s Eve with the Avett Brothers. A fitting end to the year as the Avett Brothers this year provided what has become one of the most inspiring refrains of the year for me – “Decide what to be, and go be it.” This simple statement, along with the influence of Steve Jobs’ legacy have inspired me to streamline my pursuit – to prioritize and identify the most important dream to pursue next – and to focus solely on that pursuit until I’ve acheived an acceptable level of, well, greatness. Over this past year, I’ve experienced more clarity about what I want to be than I’ve ever had. Now, it’s time to go be it. 2012, here I come.