August 27, 2003

Keen TV

This summer, through the wonderful thing that is guerrilla advertising, I was introduced to a show called Keen Eddie on Fox. From the very first episode I was hooked. The show had an interesting premise, a new kind of setting (London, England), the necessary hot girl, competent writing, and an “edgy” (buzz word alert!) production style that I grew to love after some initial hesitance. Unfortunately, the powers that be at Fox deemed the show unworthy for my eyes (or perhaps my eyes unworthy for the show?), and won’t even let me gaze upon the next four episodes which have already been completed.

I’d like to go off and try to guess why this show, which I’ve found to have quite a following, couldn’t make it, why it couldn’t survive in a summer of repeats and reality shows, and why Fox couldn’t just give it a small chance in the prime Fall lineup. However, since I’m not an industry insider and since I’m too wrapped up in my emotions right now, I thought I’d share an article that I found to be quite helpful and the slightest bit comforting. Who knows, maybe they’ll release the 8+ episodes they have on DVD.

Oh, and let me just add here that Fox has almost … I said almost … redeemed themselves with The O.C.. But now that Smallville has moved to Wednesdays, Tuesday night would make a great night for a Keen Eddie / O.C. double header. (Incidentally, I hear Fox is moving The O.C. to Thursdays opposite C.S.I. … Are they mad?). Oh well, I guess thems are the breaks.

August 25, 2003


I used shaving cream for the first time ever today. No, this doesn’t mean that before I shaved I looked like the second coming of the Wolfman. It means I’m young enough that by the time I hit the age where the peach fuzz wasn’t “mature” anymore, companies had developed the best thing since sliced bread, shaving gel.

Now, being my first experience with the stuff, it’s understandable that I made a couple of mistakes. First of all, the white top that looks like the button you press to dispense the shaving cream must actually be removed in order to reach the real button. It’s worth noting here that it only took me one failed attempt to realize this.

Secondly, the “portion size” required for shaving cream is much much different than the portion size required for shaving gel. This goes hand in hand with my next point that with shaving cream, the more you rub, the less lather you get. Conversely, with shaving gel, the more you run rub, the more lather you get. This is an important point that will not be lost on me in the future.

Finally, it seemed to me that the shaving cream actually made the shave a little smoother. Not so much the finished product, but the actual act of shaving. It felt wonderful, but it may just be a matter of doing something different. I don’t know, perhaps you have an opinion on the subject.

All Grown Up

You’re all grown up. You can drive, you have credit cards, you’ve been to family members’ funerals. You’re 22 going on 23, you’ve been through 16 years of school, you have a bachelor’s degree, and now you want more, so you go to graduate school.

Then, you’re sitting in an 8 o’clock class, dead silent except for the teacher and someone farts out loud. Suddenly, you’re 5 years old again. You try, but you can’t hold back the laughs, and listening to your buddy sitting right next to you trying to do the same isn’t helping at all.

Do we ever really grow up?

August 24, 2003

Waste of Day

I have to admit, my day of sitting out on the patio to watch the Jimmy V Classic was a little disappointing. Apparently they have the celebrities spread out over all of the courses meaning we weren’t guaranteed every celeb passing by the 9th hole on the course that our apartment sits on. The weather was nice, though, and it’s only 3 o’clock, so I didn’t exactly “waste” my day.

There were several highlights. Vencie Green, allegedly a former NFL player was the first to wave to 3234Q, so while I didn’t know who he was before, I’m going to look him up and become a fan. (By the way, one of the employees/volunteers waved before Vencie but obviously they don’t count.)

It took a while before we got to our first “A-List” celeb (some notables that came before him: almost every member of the Carolina Hurricanes, including owner Peter Karmonos and coach Paul Maurice, former Canes teammate Bates Battaglia, Third Watch star Eddie Cibrian) but eventually we got to gaze upon sportscasting great John Saunders. It was truly a joyous time and led to numerous cheers among the members of 3234Q.

The highlight of the day had to be when T-Rav, wielding the binoculars, spotted Charles Barkley on the 7th green. Unfortunately, Chuck turned out to be Stuart Scott, which was almost as exciting because Travis really wanted Stu to sign his Bobblehead Stu (no relation to Bobblehead Dan). We weren’t able to get Stu’s autograph, but I got a picture that didn’t really turn out very well.

More B-List celebrities made it through, including Gonzo/Matt Doherty. Doherty, sporting his patented silver top, didn’t manage to hit any fairways from what I could tell, but I could be mistaken. Repeated attempts to get Gonzo to wave to 3234Q failed. I think he saw us but somehow knew we were State fans.

My own personal highlight came when Darrell Green, Redskins Great and fastest man ever to put on a football helmet, made his way through the course. I told Travis I wish I could see him run. Travis suggested I challenge him to a race, but I didn’t have the courage to do it. He didn’t hit a very good shot, but that didn’t matter to me. I tried to get him to wave, but he never looked up. My mom would have been proud.

All in all I’d say it was a fun day. It was nice to take a day out to just relax and enjoy some good weather and bad golf. My eyes hurt a little from viewing the world magnified 40x for so long, but it was definitely worth it. Next year, though, I think I might have to buy tickets so I can catch the elusive Charles Barkley.

August 23, 2003

Live Practice

Well, I’m writing to you live from the patio of 3234Q, where T-Rav and I are watching the practice round of the Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic. Unfortunately, it appears we’ve seen our last group tee off here at the 9th hole, but we’re gonna keep a close eye out for more groups.

We’re not sure if we caught any celebrities because we couldn’t locate a set of binoculars, but we made a lot of guesses. I think we “saw” Stuart Scott about 5 times and the funny thing is at least 2 times Stu turned out to be white.

Anyway, the big day is tomorrow. We’ll have binoculars, a cooler full of sodas and ice, and possibly a wireless internet enabled computer to keep everyone updated on the action. Stay tuned for more.

This post brought to you by the makers of IBM’s Thinkpad, and Cisco Systems’ Aironet wireless ethernet

August 21, 2003

The Business of University

The beginning of the school year always ignites a philosophical fire inside of me, so strap yourself in and hold on tight, I’ve got some things to share …

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but spending your entire undergraduate career avoiding the dreaded 8 o’clocks with a 95% success rate only means you’re sure to get a class that starts at 7:40 a.m., with 95% confidence …

It is my feeling after two days of classes that graduate school for our generation is what college used to be for all generations before us …

Universities are becoming unrecognizable as centers for learning and enrichment. Instead they are looking more like companies with cut-throat CEO’s called “Chancellors” …

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is out next week …

I said it in an “away message”, and I’ll say it again, weathermen can’t predict yesterday’s weather, why do we expect them to predict tomorrow’s? …

Have “away messages” officially entered our daily life as a form of “expression”? …

Sales figures, places of origin, and simple majorities don’t determine the best sodas, personal tastes do … I like Coke, not Poopsi, get over it …

The Simpsons: Season 3 is out next week …

And finally …

“There’s no crying in baseball!”

August 18, 2003

Battle of the Titans

Spencer vs. Busch? Who do you cheer for there? I gotta say I’m leanin towards Spencer, just cause I dislike Kurt that much. But how about good ole Robby Gordon comin through for Jimmy offerin to pay Spencer’s fine and sayin Busch “had it coming for a while.” Ahh the wonderful soap operatic world of NASCAR.

August 16, 2003

In Conversation

One-sided IM conversations with johnnyh …

johnnyh: what kidna footu ball we talking
Auto-response sent to johnnyh: futbol w/ the collins’
johnnyh: ?
johnnyh: th aot su tpid eroupe football
johnnyh: i m against scoooer
johnnyh: bu 8ty joi i m for pohillpo winnnning eht ghiewosman
johnnyh: ogh ye3qh
johnnyh: toq pqdk

Now, maybe you can do this yourself, but if you can’t, I have a lot of experience in this territory, so I’m gonna translate for you …

johnnyh: what kind of football are we talking about
Auto-response sent to johnnyh: futbol w/ the collins’
johnnyh: (read previous statement as a question)
johnnyh: that stupid european football
johnnyh: I’m against (don’t like) soccer
johnnyh: but I am for Philip [Rivers] winning the Heisman
johnnyh: Oh Yeah!
johnnyh: Go Pack!

It may be pathetic, but I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world to have access to such humor.

August 15, 2003


I think all is back to being fairly normal. This weekend I’m gonna try to work up the courage to install XP Pro on the laptop which has now found its way back home. Cross your fingers.