May 31, 2003

The General

General Tso’s chicken for the third meal in a row tonight. Why? Because I can.

And because it’s so tasty.


How could this be … video games that are good for you? But I thought the only ways to enhance your body and mind were to read books and do jumping jacks or to have open ended debates and run marathons. Could it be that modern technology might actually provide some benefits? No way. That’s impossible!

Video games destroy the mind and so does TV – they make us lazy. Movies are just mindless entertainment crafted around the human obsession over sexuality, violence and potty mouths. But wait a minute. Yeah, books stimulate our minds and our imaginations but fundamentally they only stimulate one of our five physical senses. What about video games, TV, and movies which can stimulate two or three senses at a time? Is that worth absolutely nothing?

There aren’t any great artists in the world anymore. DaVinci painted the Mona Lisa and made it look like her eyes follow you around the room. Video game companies create realistic looking people that do follow you around the room. The difference: a video game programmer’s paint brush is a mouse rather than a stick with a brush at the end. “But computers make everything so easy.” I’ll buy you a copy of Photoshop and challenge you to “paint” me a sphere.

Books are an excellent resource for storytelling, but so was oratory. Weren’t books just “lazy” ways of telling stories that were previously always spoken or acted out? Isn’t the printing press essentially the same thing as a video camera – a way to record a story? Don’t books actually destroy some of the benefits of “storytelling”?

Don’t get me wrong. I really enjoy reading and I think it has its benefits. But I also don’t want to be fed some line about how Showgirls is an example of how movies degrade our intellect because for every Showgirls there’s a dozen Danielle Steele books. I don’t think that watching Friends will teach me how to be a better friend, but it could possibly help me enjoy life better and that will make me a better friend. Humor in a book and humor on a television show is humor all the same and one is not better than the other.

All I’m saying is that books don’t automatically make you smarter and TV, movies and video games don’t necessarily make you stupid. There are benefits from all of these activities, it’s just a matter of getting a healthy blend of all and not immersing yourself in just one. Well, in my opinion anyway.

May 29, 2003


If you ever happen to be flipping through the channels and you notice that VH1’s Driven episode featuring Nelly is on, keep it tuned in for a while. Be on the lookout for the guy who looks like some sort of superhero pimp. I’m not lyin, from the quick glimpse I caught of this guy he was approximately in his 40’s or 50’s, had a goatee, a ski cap with fuzzy ball on top, a few gold chains, and what appeared to be a cape. I think it goes without saying that seeing that was the highlight of my afteroon.


Today I participated in three different sports activities, all of them, as one casual observer noted, “preppy sports”: soccer, tennis, and golf. I kicked the soccer ball around with T-Racy, Mikki and new acquaintance Evan, watched Andre Agassi come back from being down 2 sets to none and played some “T-ball” with BJ, then travelled over to the range with Dan and hit some golf balls with T-Rav. All in all, a very productive day for me, I’d like to say.

Well not so much productive, but definitely a lot of fun. This is what summer is all about, especially for me since I’ve decided I haven’t had enough of standardized education and consequently have my summers “off” for another 2-3 years. I do have work to do, though, so tomorrow I will treat myself to a lovely day in Park Shops. I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer, and let me give a HUGE shout out to my boy Benjamin who has entered the working world full force. I hope you’re havin fun, man.

May 28, 2003


Maybe if I travelled more and needed it to keep me entertained on long trips …

Maybe if my parents had misread my musings and thought I really really wanted it for graduation rather than giving me the money to make that decision on my own …

Maybe if I wouldn’t have to spend $7,500 to keep its “bank” full of entertainment the legal way (give or take a few based on my already legally owned collection) …

Maybe if I had a little less disdain for the company that manufactures …

Maybe, just maybe I would have gotten myself an iPod today or sometime in the near future. But alas, I hardly ever travel by anything other than a car, my parents were smart enough not to buy me one, I don’t have $400 + $7500 that I could spend guilt free (I’d much rather have a new desk, some electronic upgrades and possibly a new cell phone – I need to be able to pay rent and bills), and I really really don’t like apple computers. Still, after playin with that thing in the apple store today, I have to admit that “thing” is pretty freakin’ cool.

May 27, 2003


A new era in web publishing has begun … now introducing JDawg‘s weblog.

Two great writers starting a weblog within one week of each other. That’s awesome!

Sun Rain Repeat

Did someone somehow shift North Carolina down to the greater Florida area? What’s up with this sun, then rain, then sun thing? Are we gonna have a day without rain/overcast skies in the near future? Will my water bill finally go down since we’re having the antithesis of a drought? Will this game of 20 questions ever end?