April 22, 2003

Earth Day

Before you get yourself in a tizzy, we were just kidding:

thedustin: so, how do you celebrate earth day?
Cher: plant trees
Cher: clean up trash
Cher: i dont know
Cher: haha
Cher: sit outside and enjoy the weather
Cher: who knows
Cher: i’m not a tree hugger so i sure don’t
thedustin: drink out of styrofoam cups, drive an suv
Cher: lol
thedustin: spill oil
Cher: that’s it exactly!
Cher: good job
Cher: throw grease down your drain
Cher: throw trash out your car window
thedustin: lots and lots of hair spray!!!
Cher: oh yeah!
Cher: woohoo
thedustin: i like to leave the bathroom sink faucet on too … it has a soothing sound, that makes me think of magnificent lakes and flowing streams

That’s what boredom does to you. [In the case of “Cher”, false names were used to protect the innocent].